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Quiet book with felt play food

One of my favorite busy book, fantastic like road trip toys for kids, great for future Master Chef!

I am really into cooking and baking. I collect cooking books and I am obsessed with reading and looking at them.

I created the quiet book with play food because I like food, cooking, trying new stuff and I think health meal is very important 🙂 With this busy book kid can see different ingredients and can ,,cook” them.

If you would like, I can adjust the quiet book to the diet of your child or/and add his favorite meal, I can change the color of the pot and pan – please just contact me.

Quiet book with felt food, it is like miniature kitchen where toddler can ,,cook” felt food and prepare yummy meals and get to know different ingredients. Also child can develop fine motor skills and imagination.
Busy book is created for kids over 3 years old.

Quiet book pages contains:
1. Page with play kitchen, stove, pot and pan on the Velcro for cooking delicious meals
2 and 3. Fridge with pretend food set. You can find there felt fruit and vegetables, eggs and chicken. 12 elements of food for best play kids kitchen.

If you are interested, please check it: soft book with felt food

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