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Busy book with felt food


Quiet book with felt food, pretend play, pretend felt food, busy book for kids

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Small play kitchen with pretend food set, felt fruit and vegetables for kids.

If your kid it is a big fan cooking or maybe it is fan of MasterChef, I have something for you. Quiet book with felt food, like miniature kitchen where toddler can ,,cook” felt food and prepare yummy meals, get to know different ingredients.
Busy book is created for kids over 3 years old.
Ready to ship in: 5-8 business days

Quiet book pages:
1. Page with play kitchen, stove, pot and pan on the Velcro for cooking delicious meals
2 and 3. Fridge with felt food, 12 elements of food for pretend play.
The pages of the busy book made of cotton and felt. The quiet book contains ribbons, buttons, strings, metal eyelets and Velcro, which are tailored to baby’s delicate skin. Between pages is non-woven polyester. All the elements are sewed by hand or machine. The quiet book closes on button.

One page of busy book has: 26×26 cm (10,24×10,24″)
Measurement of the pot without cover : 14cm (5,5”)
Measurement of the pan: 26cm (10,24”)
Measurement of the food: height around 14 cm (5,5”)

Ready to ship in: 5-8 business days

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