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Dollhouse busy book with doll


Fabric dollhouse with felt doll and clothes

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Are you before a long road trip with kid? Here it is a portable and soft dollhouse busy book with the felt doll than you can bring everywhere! It is doll with clothes, bath and bed. Child can play with doll, also practice visual-motor coordination, manual skills and will be keeping busy.

Ready to ship: 5 – 10 business days

The quiet book contains one felt doll and 19 pieces of clothes, for example: dresses, trousers, swimming suit and helmet of astronaut or mermaid tail. The busy book contains 4 pages, one is folded.
1. felt doll and bed with quilt and pillow
2. bath with towel
3 and 4. wardrobe (19 pieces on Velcro)

The soft book is closing with a button. The pages are made of felt and cotton. The quiet book contains buttons, ribbons and Velcro, which are tailored to baby’s delicate skin. Between pages is non-woven polyester. All the elements are sewed by hand or sewing machine.
Size of one quiet book page: 22×22 cm (8,66×8,66″)
This quiet book is for kids over 3 years old.

Ready to ship: 5 – 10 business days


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