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Magnetic felt solar system, learning toys for kids


Magnetic solar system for little fan of astronomy, felt planets for the magnetic board, home school tool

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It is learning toys for kids, for astronomy fans. Magnetic solar system for homeschool, felt planets you can put on the magnetic board and play. It is educational toy, it will be also nice decoration in the kid’s room, for preschooler to play and learn.

Felt set includes 8 planets and sun, the planets do not reflect a realistic size scale relative to each other.
Felt solar system is made of felt, inside they are magnets.

Measurements of the toy:
Sun: 15cm
Jupiter: 13cm
Saturn: 12cm
Uranus: 10cm
Neptune: 10cm
Earth: 9cm
Venus: 8.5cm
Mars: 6cm
Mercury: 5.5cm

Ready to ship: 3-5 business days

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