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Personalized baby quiet book with teether


Activity book for baby with teether

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From the start of the live of your kid have an impact on its development. With the sensory book explore the colorful world of the contrasting textures and sounds. Small hands of your child can touch diverse textile and feel it. The busy book is created to develop the senses of kids, teach and entertain.

The book are pages made of: cotton, felt, eco leather, waterproof material and fabric minky.
The quiet book contains also strings, rattle, squeaky toy. Between pages is non-woven polyester. All the elements are sewed by hand or machine. Size of one quiet book page 22×22 cm
Ready to ship: 3-5 business days

The baby book contain 4 pages that you can fold and wooden teether of the shape of fox, made of beech wood, priming with beeswax with walnut oil. Cover will be pink or green with the name. Please write the color and name in the comment in the cart.
Quiet book contains 4 pages:
1. Owl with rustling foil
2. Octopus with rattle and strings
3. Cat with squeaky toy
4. Page with circle whole
on the other sides are different fabric, with diverse texture: eco leather, waterproof material, fabric minky and knitwear waffle.

Ready to ship: 3-5 business days

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