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Sensory baby toy with personalization, developmental toy for new born


Sensory baby toy with personalization, gift for baby shower

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Are you counting days to see your new baby, maybe niece or grandson and you are looking for a remarkable gift?

I understand that so I created crinkle toy with personalization.  It is safe, soft toy with a natural teether, developmental toy for baby.

This is sensory toy with woodland accent, on top made of a colorful cotton, on the bottom of soft minky fabric. Shape of rectangle with the cotton strings and natural teether, fox toy, made of beech wood, priming with beeswax with walnut oil.
On the top it is personalization along with black and white shapes to look at.

Inside it is crinkle material, that is giving a little sound, when the baby will grab it, like a paper foil after chocolate, is manufactured to add to the baby toys.
Noisy sound inside of the toy will spark your baby’s curiosity.

Size:  25 x 16 cm (9,84 x 6,30 ”)

Wonderful present idea for a baby shower or the birth of a niece, nephew.
If you would the longer personalization or a different color, please contact me.

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