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Woodland quiet book


6 pages woodland quiet book with felt animals

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The quiet book with the enchanted forest is full of colorful and educative activities for kids, is created to develop the senses of kids and teach. If you are looking for special busy book with miniature animals, you are in the perfect place. Soft book it is perfect for 3rd birthday present.

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The quiet book contain 6 pages with the cover:
1 and 2. Knowing the life of the forest, 6 animals felt on the magnets, collecting three mushrooms, building dams on the river and other activities for kids
3 and 4. Learning counting with running badger on the busy book page
5. Learning and matching the shapes with woodland animals, 4 shapes are on the buttons and the pocket on the zip
6. Learning to lace and tie, lacing page with a bird (the bullfinch)

The pages made from fabrics with different texture of fabrics, but most of all with cotton and felt. This soft book contains ribbons, strings, metal eyelets, zips, magnets, buttons, buckles, metal poppers and Velcro, which are tailored to baby’s delicate skin. Between pages is non-woven polyester. All the elements are sewed by hand or machine. The quiet book closes on button. One quiet book page has: 26×26 cm (10,24×10,24″)

Ready to ship: 5-10 business days

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