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What is a Quiet Book

Welcome to the world of quiet books!

Quiet book called also busy book, sensory book, activity book, soft book or felt book.

Quiet book are hand-sewn educational colorful books, they are interactive books, full of activities for children. They provide activities that aim to facilitate kids developing hand-eye coordination skills, fine motor skills, develop the imagination, help with practice daily activities, for example closing zips or buttons and learning new words and language, at the same time the buys books provide children with colourful scenes as a base for their stories and keep them busy. My books open kid’s imagination and make them feel the world!

My activity books are recommended for kids over 3 years old, one it is for babies 0+. My busy books have CE certificate, they are safe toys.
Main types of busy books in my shop, they can be personalized, with the embroider name on the cover:
and other educational toys:

Enjoy the world of quiet books!

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